BY Vani IN Guest post

Writing for an International Audience [Huffington Post]

I know that sounds easy. Not so easy when you read this.

I am an Indian and I don’t know what image that conjures up in your mind – an IT professional, Slumdog millionaire, Mahatma Gandhi? Not a writer, for sure. We are great readers, topping the charts across the world; no wonder people think we are nerds. But not many among us have yet received international success to parallel J K Rowling, Stephen King or George R. R. Martin (a few, yes, not forgetting Rushdie, Naipaul, Roy, Ghosh, Adiga, Desai and Chaudhuri, but not many). We will, in time. For now, I offer you a sneak peek into my world to help you better understand the reasons.

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