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GROUNDING – Meditation (Cultural Reverence, Intl. Magazine)

I’d forever been mesmerised at the sight of Indian batsmen, classical dancers and theatre artists bending down to touch the ground before they began their performance.

Could mother Earth hear their prayers – and perhaps, bless them? Was she aware of the storms raging in their minds? Could she work up some magic to alleviate their anxieties? How did an authentic connection with mother Earth feel like? Did it send tingles down their spines? Did kissing her make them feel the same way as kissing an elderly person they dearly loved?

Since I wasn’t looking for scriptural knowledge, I didn’t know where to begin looking for answers. Little did I know that the answers would come looking for me. Ever heard a quote by Rumi: ‘What you seek is also seeking you.’ My experiences over the last few months of lockdown quite literally opened me up to strengthening and deepening my connection with mother Earth and it’s pretty interesting how it all panned out. Are you ready to hear my story?

I’m an out-and-out meditation junkie. But just around March this year, I began to feel a sort of restlessness building up inside me. Something wasn’t quite right – and it had nothing to do with me. Being a clairsentient, I could sense the fear, anxiety and tension in my surroundings much more than anybody else and found myself working hard to keep myself centred.

It was around this time that I chanced upon a few videos on Soulvana app that introduced me to the powerful practice of ‘grounding’ and something inside me whispered that this was IT. Quite simply stated, ‘grounding’ is nothing more than connecting with mother Earth and the easiest way to do it is by walking bare feet, preferably on a patch of grass, for a few minutes every day (which is something I never do, to be honest, to avoid dry, cracked heels!). But there are other techniques to ground yourself, too, and those came in handy during the lockdown.

One of the ways that’s worked for me is through ‘visualisation’. When I close my eyes during my meditation practice, the first thing I do is to send out my energetic roots to the heart of the planet, and while I am at it, I keep praying to mother Earth to fill me up with divine golden light. I do occasionally wave my hands as well to help move the energy around my body, and as I do that, I imagine pushing my roots down, down, down into the crystalline core of the planet. I use a similar technique to connect with the light of the galactic sun above my head.

This exercise not only helps me to cleanse my body of all that does not serve my highest good, but also relieves me of stress, anxiety, pain and tension. Most importantly, it aligns me vertically with the heavens above and the Earth below, rooting me in the present moment. I am much more conscious of what’s happening around me and seldom find myself dwelling on the past or dreaming about an imaginary future. Furthermore, the strong anchor acts like a compass for me, helping me to navigate my way through life. At the end of my meditation, I invoke the love of mother Earth – and the galactic sun, once again to create a protective shield around me so I don’t end up absorbing low energy vibrations from my surroundings.

What’s more, as I send out my love to the planet, I can feel her sending her motherly love back to me. It leaves me feeling tingly and light-headed. For hours after my meditation practice, I feel uplifted, motivated and focused. Interestingly, you can ground the energy of anything you want to, including buildings, cars and apparatus – even relationships. Trust me, it works. Tell you the truth, as many webinars and FB lives I’ve had during the lockdown, I’ve never forgotten to ground my own and my apparatus’ energy before I began. It’s helped me to dissolve my anxiety prior to my sessions and conduct them in a smooth and delightful manner.

While yoga and meditation teachers would tell you many other benefits of ‘grounding’, including and not all how the electrical charge of the planet helps you to lessen cellular inflammation thus reducing much distress and disease, what I’ve written here is entirely from my own experience. There isn’t much that one can learn from intellectualising stuff, I feel. And for me, it’s always been important to feel it, before I write about it. And feel it, I did. So now when I bend down to touch the ground and ask for mother Earth’s blessings, I know she’s listening to my prayers and blessing me, too. Could there be a better way to feel mother’s love?

Vani via Cultural Reverence, Intl. Magazine. This article is also available to read here.

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