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Vani was interviewed by Bollywood diva Shweta Rohira on her talk show

“Vani has written Seconds Later in such a way that there is no difference between reel-ty and real-ity”  — Shweta Rohira, Bollywood diva & Expressionist about Vani’s latest book

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Spanish media house, Transcontinental Times, interviewed Vani


“…In this novel, I have explored the theme of fame through the eyes of a young, TV talk show host. It’s a romantic thriller or you can classify it as crime fiction, whatever suits you…”

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International media house, Transcontinental Times, interviewed Vani


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Vani was interviewed by Cyrus Broacha on his podcast ‘Cyrus Says’


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India’s top-most weekly, Sunday Guardian Live, interviewed Vani

Q. Tell us about your new novel ‘Seconds Later’. How did you conceive it?
A. ‘Seconds Later’ is the story of a young celebrity being stalked by her fans and it came about from my own experiences. Growing up, all that I ever wanted was to be famous, not knowing that there’s a price to fame. Celebrities are more vulnerable than any of us but I wasn’t to realise it until after the release of my first novel. Whether receiving marriage proposals on Instagram or getting tagged in obscene videos on Facebook, I wasn’t used to any of it and would normally shove my fears and insecurities under the carpet. But there was one day when I leaned into them, instead, and that’s when this story came to me. What if this happened to a young girl, a celebrity at that? How would it disrupt her life if someone approached her, or eyed her, with not the best of intentions? What would she do? How would she protect herself?


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India’s top magazine, India Today, interviewed Vani


Sitting in her 8×12 room, the conversation centers around technique, not craft. There are excited responses about character building, story twists, timing, plot interplay and marketing techniques, making one wonder if geometrical precision can answer questions of emotional arithmetic that a collage of delicate words wrapped in a hard-bound are meant to unravel. But Panchkula-based author Vani, whose maiden novel ‘The Recession Groom’ went into reprint just after 15 days of its release, could not have asked for more. “I am glad that the targeted reader base, which comprises mostly youngsters, is responding well,” says the 36-year-old author, who took two years to complete the book.



Photo: Sandeep Sahdev, India Today

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India’s biggest TV network, Doordarshan, interviewed Vani

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Vani’s interaction with members of Book Club of Afghanistan

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KALINGA TV (Odisha) interviewed Vani

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SheThePeople.TV interviewed Vani


Views on ‘Women Empowerment’:  I believe we have come a long way in terms of empowering our women. Today you can see how women are doing everything that was once the domain of men. I have two sisters who are in the Army, several others who are doctors, engineers, bankers, journalists, lawyers and entrepreneurs. They are excellent homemakers and wonderful mothers, too. Not to say that they get to decide about everything in their families (and workplace) but their opinions matter. We live in a society that is far more progressive than many others in the world which is very heartening to see.

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India’s top book blog, The Readers Cosmos, interviewed Vani


Q: To your mind what is that one essential ingredient of a good story?

A: For me, I look at the way a story has been narrated. You might have an interesting cast of characters and a great plot, but if the narration is poor then your reader will not have a pleasant experience reading the story.

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India’s largest community library chain, JustBooks, interviewed Vani

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The New Indian Express interviewed Vani


On rejection and motivation: I knew ‘The Recession Groom’ was a lovely story and all I ever wanted to do was to tell it. I read about other authors who faced rejections while submitting their manuscripts and took solace in the fact that I wasn’t alone. I also watched a lot of motivational videos to keep my spirits high. Good music, food, quality relationships and affirmative thoughts also helped me a lot.

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The Hindu interviewed Vani

I decided to write the book from the perspective of a male IT professional. “It was tough to write from the male perspective. My male friends helped me a lot. I hope that I have done justice to all the characters in the book.”

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DNA Mumbai interviewed Vani


Did it help that you came from media?
I was more confident about my writing, since had spent a few years in journalism. My dictionary was also made up of words that common people used and understood. The only change being, in a newspaper organisation, I worked with a team of editors who were always there to help and guide me (perhaps, correct my flaws, too). Contrary to that, when I started working on my novel, I was my own guide and it was my decision what to include in the story. No wonder, I spent many years working on it, writing multiple drafts and carrying out several revisions just to ensure this was the best I could do.

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Vani was quoted in China Daily

Excerpt from the article:

“Publishers used to ask tough questions, especially to new writers. Now, they are asking what they can do for authors,” says Vani Kaushal, whose first novel is set for release in December.

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First time author Vani has managed to pull off a story that has all the makings of a Karan Johar film: IndiaPost Live

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