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“Portrait of an artist” — Indian Express

From the article: …the author describes her experience as being both “surreal and scary”. Surreal because she was “in awe of Lizo”. And scary because it was a big jump from her previous works. She had never written a non-fiction before…

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“Gala Los Angeles Launch for Panchkula Writer’s Book on American Artist”

—Hindustan Times

From the article: …it has been an interesting journey for Panchkula girl Vani Kaushal who started on the business desk of a city newspaper and then moving to London to do some more business reporting. But then deciding to call it a day with the business of buying and spending to write a novel called ‘The Recession Groom’ that won her considerable notice. So she decided it was time to leave the business of business writing and turn to romance novels which excited her the most. Sustaining herself with columns here and there, she moved to writing two more romance novels. While these were still with her literary agent, an offer came to her on Twitter from an Armenian American artist, Elizabeth ‘Lizo’ Shahenian. The award-winning artist with some four decades of art behind her, wanted her to write a book on her paintings…

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“Chandigarh-based novelist Vani finds international acclaim, successfully launches her new non-fiction book at a gala event in Los Angeles” — Daily Post

From the article: City based novelist of ‘The Recession Groom’ fame, Vani Kaushal, has found international acclaim with the launch of her new nonfiction book at a gala event in Los Angeles. Her book, ‘Flowers Forever’ (published by World Wide Art Books) celebrates the four-decade artistic career of Elizabeth ‘Lizo’ Shahenian, an award-winning American Armenian artist. The event that was held earlier this week at one of the oldest and most renowned galleries in LA, Whites Fine Art Gallery, drew a huge response from art collectors and received massive support from the City Chamber of Commerce.

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What’s more, Vani’s picture was on the ear panel of the masthead of Daily Post!

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“Indian author Vani Kaushal wins acclaim in USA” — Businessviews

From the article: …Vani said the challenge of taking the plunge from romance writing to non-fiction was accentuated by her unfamiliarity with the art scene in the United States…The writer added that it was Elizabeth’s confidence in her writing abilities that kept her going through the project…

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