Flowers Forever
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In Memory of Holocaust

In Memory of Holocaust 

Oil on canvas, painted with palette knife and fingers, 50 x 50 in. (Sold at the New Orleans Auction Gallery in May 2016, and second time in February 2017)


‘Elizabeth was moved to create her paintings on the Holocaust after a visit to Nazi concentration camps in Poland and Germany. Making poppies as the dominant theme of her painting, Elizabeth pays a tribute to the victims – and what an apt tribute at that! Interestingly, after a World War I poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, celebrated the glory of poppies as having been the only flower to grow on a barren battlefield, these flowers have come to be regarded as an international symbol of remembrance.

‘Using her fingers instead of a brush, Elizabeth allows her sadness to seep into the canvas. The calla lilies, on the other hand, are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, the reason why they are often depicted with the Blessed Virgin Mary. She juxtaposes these elegant-looking flowers with the poppies as if to remind us that death is always followed by life. Sending out a message of peace, joy and harmony are those chrysanthemums, the lilacs and the tulips.’


Quiet Time


Quiet Time (2011)

Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 in. Private Collection

‘Elizabeth did not have to go far to look for an inspiration for this painting. It was right there, in front of her eyes. She just needed to look out of the window of her house into her backyard to see her cat crouching in the shade of tulips, ready to pounce at its prey. “What a fine meal these juicy, little birds would make!” is probably what the cat is thinking looking at the cardinal and the blue jay drinking water off a birdbath, even as a warbler and a finch hop around on the branches of the trees in the garden with carefree abandon.

‘The canopy of the lily tree with its yellow-coloured flowers overlooking the birdbath looks delightful, almost like a scene from a children’s picture book. Using her creative imagination, Elizabeth converts this ordinary hot summer afternoon scene into a painting of exquisite beauty. It is no wonder then that her works are celebrated all over the world. This painting won Elizabeth much acclaim, having been profiled in the collector’s edition of the famous Southwest Art Magazine. It was also on display at the Los Angeles Ronald Regan State Building.’


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