1. What prompted you to write The Recession Groom?

It was the idea itself which compelled me to write this story a boy searching for his perfect partner when the world is grappling with recession. Will the crisis in the global economy affect the little world he has created for himself? More importantly, will he be able to find the woman of his dreams?

2. How did you come up with this idea?

The world economy started moving in to a recessionary phase at the start of 2008. I was in London at the time, pursuing an MBA degree from Kingston University. As the financial institutions across Europe and the United States declared bankruptcies and/or were taken over by other institutions, I saw how it affected the life of people in those countries. It was a first-hand experience for me, as many of my close friends, relatives and acquaintances lost their jobs and were forced to make compromises in their lives (that included buying the lowest grade items in grocery stores, selling houses and accepting jobs that were definitely not representative of their aspirations). That was primarily what led to the genesis of the idea.

3. How much time did it take you to write this book?

I started writing the book in May 2011 and completed the first draft in three months. Over the next few years, I rewrote the whole draft many times over, adding and deleting characters, making modifications to the plot and reorganising the pace at which the story unfolded. I finished the novel in the autumn of 2013 and it was a pleasant coincidence that my publisher was the first to read the finished manuscript.

4. Tell us something about the story?

The Recession Groom tracks the journey of a young IT professional from India across the period of global credit crisis and the adventures he faces to find his perfect partner. I have given my work a uniquely Indian flavour, with its underlying theme being that of arranged marriages, a concept which has long piqued the curiosity of readers. The story is set across two continents and I have made every attempt to engage readers from different nationalities, multiple cultural backgrounds and social milieus.

5.Tell us about your next book?

I am currently working on a sequel to The Recession Groom and hope to complete it very soon.