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Vani was interviewed on India’s biggest TV network, Doordarshan

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14469704_1165403943519716_2967647341120142880_n interviewed Vani about her publishing journey


Views on ‘Women Empowerment’:  I believe we have come a long way in terms of empowering our women. Today you can see how women are doing everything that was once the domain of men. I have two sisters who are in the Army, several others who are doctors, engineers, bankers, journalists, lawyers and entrepreneurs. They are excellent homemakers and wonderful mothers, too. Not to say that they get to decide about everything in their families (and workplace) but their opinions matter. We live in a society that is far more progressive than many others in the world which is very heartening to see.

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The Readers Cosmos interviewed Vani


Today we have with us a writer who is prolific yet very conscious about her writings, Vani Kaushal. She strives for perfection and goes an extra mile to achieve it. A very pleasant person and an author who has effortlessly written about recession and its impact on a prospective groom in the Indian wedding market; raising questions in a very subtle manner, sprinkled with humor. Yet these questions stand effectively and make you think and re-think about the very face of  the society we have created ourselves, once you have read her debut novel, The Recession Groom.

Q: To your mind what is that one essential ingredient of a good story?

A: For me, I look at the way a story has been narrated. You might have an interesting cast of characters and a great plot, but if the narration is poor then your reader will not have a pleasant experience reading the story.

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JustBooks interviewed Vani

Publishing a book is hard work and not all rosy as it seems to be. Vani, the debut author of ‘The Recession Groom’, shares her experience with JustBooks on her journey of becoming an author. An advice for the budding author too in the interview.

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Social Tahelka interviewed Vani


ST: So Vani whenever you think about the titles given by media to you for your debut novel “The Recession Groom”, what is your first reaction? Did you expect such a big success when you were writing the novel?

Vani: First reaction: Elated! Jumping! (Lol) I am glad my efforts are getting recognized by the national media. The response from international audience has been equally amazing. My readers have been very appreciative and it just spurs me on to create better works. Yes, I knew the novel would strike a chord with many since it relates to a contemporary theme.

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Be honest. Write every day. Write first, revise later. Discipline helps, patience helps much more: Vani


Any word of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Be honest. Write every day. Write first, revise later. Discipline helps, patience helps much more.

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Writers need to have a great attitude: Vani


What is the greatest challenge in writing a book?

Writers need to have a great attitude. You have to have your finger on the pulse of the reader because literary agents/scouts/publishers are often looking for novels similar to what people are reading. Sustaining oneself financially during this struggle period could be a big challenge. From writing a few pages every day to completing the final draft could be a daunting task. It requires patience and perseverance. The next stage is to look for a publisher, which might take months or years. However, nothing comes close to marketing and promoting the book. Guess what, you just don’t need to be a good writer but a good marketer as well.

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‘I knew The Recession Groom was a lovely story and all I ever wanted to do was to tell it.’ Vani’s interview in The New Indian Express

On rejection and motivation

I knew The Recession Groom was a lovely story and all I ever wanted to do was to tell it. I read about other authors who faced rejections while submitting their manuscripts and took solace in the fact that I wasn’t alone. I also watched a lot of motivational videos to keep my spirits high. Good music, food, quality relationships and affirmative thoughts also helped me a lot.

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‘It was tough to write from a male perspective.’ Vani’s interview in The Hindu

I decided to write the book from the perspective of a male IT professional. “It was tough to write from the male perspective. My male friends helped me a lot. I hope that I have done justice to all the characters in the book.”

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‘Searching for love in crisis.’ Vani’s interview in DNA India.


Did it help that you came from media?
I was more confident about my writing, since had spent a few years in journalism. My dictionary was also made up of words that common people used and understood. The only change being, in a newspaper organisation, I worked with a team of editors who were always there to help and guide me (perhaps, correct my flaws, too). Contrary to that, when I started working on my novel, I was my own guide and it was my decision what to include in the story. No wonder, I spent many years working on it, writing multiple drafts and carrying out several revisions just to ensure this was the best I could do.

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Ignite India Foundation interviewed Vani


Q. Who is your target reader?

A. ‘The Recession Groom’ is an international story with a strong Indian flavour and an important foreign female character. In that sense, it is of great potential interest to the NRI population, IT professionals and their families. My novel is a light-hearted take on the Indian family value system and I have made every attempt to ensure that it engages readers from multiple cultural backgrounds and social milieus, quite contrary to popular authors some of whom present a hard-hitting satire on the Indian society thereby commanding a more mature readership.

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Author Interview: Novemberschild @

Excerpt: Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day to you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or computer?

I write on a computer and I write all day. I wake up early and start work. On good days, I can easily write five pages. However, on my non writing days even twenty words are a head ache. When I am not writing, I am reading.

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Publishers used to ask tough questions, especially to new writers. Now, they are asking what they can do for authors: Vani, Author of ‘The Recession Groom’ quotes to China Daily

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First time author Vani has managed to pull off a story that has all the makings of a Karan Johar film: IndiaPost Live

This journalist turned writer has created Parshuraman Joshi – how’s that for a name? – an IT professional from India who is too busy chasing dollars to care for a bride. Well, the tables are turned and in what can be best described as a roller coaster ride, he ends up chasing brides!
The Recession Groom is about dreams, love and longing in a time of recession.
Vani has captured the essence of anxious relatives, orthodox belief systems on arranged marriages in India, and the eternal battle between the heart and the mind.
The Recession Groom will be launched on February 7th in Chandigarh, Vani’s hometown. She joins us live on IndiaPostLive to talk about what inspired her to turn into an author, the quirky characters in her book, her own take on perfect partners!

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Top IT portal for women interviewed Vani

What has been your biggest challenge in achieving your success?

Writing my first novel, ‘The Recession Groom’ was difficult. I had worked as a business journalist for several years, but writing a full length fiction novel was a different ball game altogether. It required me to unlearn my old rules, lest I end up writing my book in the inverted pyramid style of news reporting. However, this didn’t even come close to the challenge of finding a publisher. It was a journey that spanned two and a half years and took me through several submissions across Europe, India, US and Canada, pitching my manuscript to agents, scouts and publishers. It was exciting and taught me patience and discipline, but above all I learned to value determination and perseverance. Had I not believed in my manuscript, I’d never have seen my novel in print.

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Top Indian reviewer on interviewed Vani for her blog


Aditi Saha: The Recession Groom features a lot of happenings inside an IT industry. How did you research for this purpose?
Vani: I have a background in Economics and Management and clearly, writing about an IT professional, the triumphs and tribulations of his life wasn’t easy. I needed to know the terms used in the IT industry, had to understand the routines of IT professionals, how they work on projects and in groups, what are their day today challenges and how they deal with them. I read up a lot on the internet and also had help from some friends and family members who are in this industry. I am so happy that the novel has clicked with IT professionals like yourselves.

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UK based Literary Consultant and Editor, Claire Wingfield interviewed Vani for her blog

Congratulations to author, Vani Kaushal on the publication of ‘The Recession Groom’. You can read all about her path to publication here, including an extract from her successful query letter.

A Contemporary Story Of An IT Professional During Global Credit Crisis. Author Interview

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